Professional Standards

Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division (PSD) operates under the direct supervision of the Office of the Chief and the Assistant Chief.    The PSD was formed by combining the former Training Division and Office of Internal Affairs.    The PSD is staffed by one Captain, three Lieutenants, and a range master.      Before the merger of the Training and Internal Affairs offices, the operation and duties sometimes overlapped, which made both offices less efficient.  The integration of the two offices makes the operation of both offices more financially efficient and operationally effective.  It has brought all facets of recruitment, testing, hiring, field training, investigations, discipline, and career development under one umbrella. We are committed to the development of our employees. The biggest public service impact we can have has always been made by the employees who respond to calls for service, investigate crimes, and provide the support services that are the backbone of the department.  We take our responsibility to develop our staff very seriously and it will be always be the driving force behind our yearly strategic plans. 

We have several areas of responsibility such as:

  • Managing complaints against personnel and internal investigations
  • Supervision and  development of the Field Training Program
  • Development of the Department Training Team
  • Policy Review and Management
  • Developing training protocols and establishing In-service/In-house training
  • Weapons research, development, and training
  • Recruitment, testing, background investigations, and training of new personnel
  • Planning training for all department personnel and managing the training budgets
  • Press Information Officers

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