Professional Standards

Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division (PSD) was created in August 2009 and reports to the Chief of Police. The division is staffed by a captain, two lieutenants, range-master, one officer and a non-sworn support assistant.  

One of the main priorities in PSD is recruitment. We anticipated a severe turn over in the next five years and we are constantly recruiting new officers and civilian personnel. Countless hours are dedicated to testing, hiring, interviewing, training, and preparing officers for the future.  

PSD have several areas of responsibility that include but are not limited to: 

  • Managing complaints against personnel and internal investigations
  • Monitoring of the Field Training Program
  • Supervision and direction of the Training Unit
  • Policy review, development and management
  • Maintain records and submit paperwork for employee educational reimbursement.
  • Developing training protocols, documentation and establishing In-service/In-house training, to include all State mandated training for certification purposes and reporting all training hours for employees to the Training and Standards board.
  • Creating all training classes, in house and outside of the agency, to include registrations, reservations and all travel documentation.
  • Maintaining all travel documentation and receipts for budgetary expenditures.
  • Manages all travel expenses and training budgets, as well as, range expenses.
  • Reports and maintains all employee training records for the State of Wisconsin.
  • Managing all weapon and ammunition inventories.
  • Ordering, maintaining and record keeping for officer duty gear, to include: OC. Taser, Ballistic Vest, weapons (On-duty/Off-duty) etc,
  • Serving as the Public Information Officers (PIO)
  • Protecting the integrity of the police department.
  • Grievance hearings/negotiations – reports, testimony
  • Administer employee drug screening
  • External investigations upon the direction of the Chief of Police
  • Act as treasurer for the outdoor Multi-Jurisdictional Range Facility.
  • Administering and coordinating personnel for Civil lawsuits
  • Coordinates Travel for employees for training, court etc.
  • Assists the Chief of Police in promotion processes
  • Focuses on recruitment and retention by attending seminars//job fairs/colleges
  • Written and Physical agility test for all new officers
  • Background investigation for sworn and civilian employees
  • Coordinating swearing-in ceremonies for new employees
  • Coordinates, schedules and facilitates annual Citizens Academy
  • Facilitate the issuance of new officer equipment and collection of retiree equipment.  Also, keep records of retiree HR128 forms and facilitate annual handgun qualification.



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