Armadillo – Nuisance Abatement Vehicle

Where is the Armadillo?

The Armadillo is back in the nest awaiting its next deployment.

What is the Armadillo?

The Green Bay Police are proud to announce the development and deployment of the Armadillo.  The Armadillo is a military surplus armored vehicle that has been refurbished and equipped with digital video surveillance cameras.  It is designed to be deployed to high crime areas or areas that have experienced a spike in public nuisance type events.   The vehicle represents a strong police presence in an area that has demonstrated an ongoing public nuisance that is damaging the quality of life for city residents in that area.   In addition, the on-board video surveillance system can record audio and video in all weather conditions, day, or night, to record any illegal or nuisance type activity in its area.

It is hoped that the presence of the Armadillo will inspire a change in behavior for those causing the public nuisance, deter criminal activity, and restore a higher quality of life to the good citizens in its area of operations.  So far, it appears to be very successful in its mission as it has earned rave reviews from the neighborhoods where it has been deployed.

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