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Green Bay Police Department Landlord Resources

In the interests of building a better quality of life for all citizens of Green Bay, the Green Bay Police Department works with landlords to resolve minor issues before they become more serious. We believe by taking these steps we can improve our neighborhoods for all concerned. We have accordingly created this web page to list resources available to landlords and explain the City’s Nuisance Abatement Program. Examples of resources offered are:

  • Tenant Screening Guidelines (PDF)
  • No Trespassing Form (PDF)
  • Email Alerts – Sign up to receive an email alert every time police respond to an address you own (WORD) (PDF)

Most landlords in Green Bay take pride in their properties and work toward finding good tenants. In those cases where properties or tenants repeatedly act to degrade the quality of life in their neighborhood, the city has created Ordinance Chapter 28 to hold landlords responsible for nuisance activity that occurs on their property. Landlords are made aware of potential nuisances via a Landlord Notification Form. If a property meets the criteria to be classified as a public nuisance, the landlord is notified and must then take steps to keep the problem from recurring. If the landlord is either unwilling or unable to curb the public nuisance occurring at their property, the landlord can be cited and fined at the end of this process. Formal definitions of nuisance activity and the processes followed for nuisance abatement or defined in Ordinance 28, listed below.

Landlord / Tenant Laws

  • City of Green Bay Ordinance Chapter 28 “Nuisance Abatement” – Ordinance 28.pdf
  • Summary and Explanation of Chapter 28 – Chapter 28 Summary
  • Wisconsin Landlord / Tenant Statute Chapter 704 – Stat0704.pdf
  • Wisconsin Administrative Code “Residential Rental Practices” – Atcp134.pdf

Programs to Assist Landlords

Resources to Assist with background checks of prospective tenants

Programs To Assist Tenants

General Parking Information/Multi-Family Parking

  • General Parking Information PDF


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