District B

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Welcome to the District B Home Page.

District B is bordered by the Fox River to the East, The Bay of Green Bay to the North, the city limits to the South, and Oneida, Gray, and Atkinson Streets to the West. District B has a number of unique features, including the Broadway Business District, numerous parks, 3 elementary schools, and is the home of West High School. District B is overseen by Captain Keith Knoebel and 3 Lieutenants. The Captain and Lieutenants supervise the district patrol officers and the 4 district community police officers. Because District Policing is a conglomeration of community policing and data-driven intelligent policing, the District B team is going to identify the unique underlying challenges in the district, identify chronic nuisances, and work to abate them.

Captain Keith Knoebel


District Captain: Keith Knoebel (920) 448-3333 – Option 2

Captain Knoebel is assisted by District Lieutenants

Lt. Paul Lewis (Day shift)
Lt. Matthew VanEgeren (Afternoon shift)
Lt. Steve Mahoney (Night shift)




District Community Police Officers

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