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Emergency 9-1-1

Green Bay Police Department Non Emergency Police Dispatch (920) 391-7450
Green Bay Police Department Administrative Number  (920) 448-3200

Green Bay Police Department Staff Telephone and Email Directory

In Person: 307 South Adams Street, Green Bay, WI 54301

The Green Bay Police Department’s jurisdiction is the City of Green Bay.  For services outside the city, please consult the map below.�
Below is a general map of brown county showing the municipalities in and around Green Bay.

If you need emergency police assistance dial 9-1-1 from anywhere in Brown County.  Emergency call takers will verify your location and dispatch the appropriate police, fire, or emergency medical services.

For non emergency police services, please contact the appropriate agency from the list below.

  • Brown County Sheriff’s Department – Website – (920) 391-7450   or   (920) 448-4200
  • Allouez, Village of – Website – (920) 391-7450  or   (920) 448-4200
  • Ashwaubenon, Village of  - Website – (920) 391-7450   or   (920) 492-2995
  • Bellevue, Village of  - Website – (920) 391-7450   or   (920) 448-4200
  • Green Bay, City of  - Website – (920) 391-7450     or   (920) 448-3200
  • Hobart-Lawrence, Village of  - Website – (920) 391-7470
  • Howard, Village of  - Website – (920) 391-7450

For Emergencies and immediate assistances please Call 911

*Note emails below are not monitored on a daily bases and you may not receive an immediate response.  For emergencies call 911 or for all other matters please call (920) 391-7450 for the non-emergency contact.

Phone and Email Directory (Click on Column Heading to Sort)

Emergency Contact911
Non-Emergency Contact391-7450
Records Requests or Inquiries448-3329
Green Bay Police Department Administrative Number448-3200
Wachowski, LisaRecords Manager448-3188Email
Belongie, MichelleCrime Analyst448-3249Email
Balza, John (Capt.)Professional Standards Captain448-3208Email
Knoebel, Keith (Capt.)District Captain B448-3333 ext.#1Email
Ackermann, Karl (Lt.)Traffic / Operations448-3217Email
Ebel, Paul (Cmdr.)Operations Division Commander448-3186Email
Laux, John (Capt.)District Captain C448-3333 ext.#3Email
Florence, Brad (Capt.)District Captain D448-3333 ext.#4Email
Runge, James (Cmdr.)Investigations Division Commander448-3326Email
Warych, Kevin (Capt.)Chief of Staff448-3333 ext.#0919Email
Jurkanis, RickBusiness Manager448-3237Email
Strouf, Brad (Lt.)Special Events / Technology Projects448-3214Email
Skalmoski, MelanieDirector of Crime Prevention448-3171Email
Smith, Andrew (Chief)Chief of Police448-3234Email
Wesely, Dave (Lt.)Professional Standards448-3200 ext.#0916Email
Gering, Keith (Lt.)Professional Standards448-3200 ext.#0905Email
Lepine, Todd (Capt.)District Captain A448-3333 ext.#2Email
Allen, BenProfessional Standards448-3200 ext.#0924Email

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