Dive Team

Green Bay Police Dive Team

The Green Bay Police Department Dive Team is comprised of 9 divers and 6 line tenders. Each diver has certifications in areas such as; Emergency Response Diving, Ice Diving, Evidence Collection, Lift/Salvage, and Underwater Explosive Search Diving.

2013 was an exciting year for the team, featuring the addition of our new team truck. The truck allows our team to store all of its equipment in one place and have electrical power and air tank refill capabilities on site. The money used to purchase the truck was allocated to us via a Port Security Grant sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security.

Our training this year was both challenging and rewarding for our divers. We focused heavily on underwater searches throughout the Fox River and under several of its ships and bridges. As always, the Fox River’s current and lack of visibility proved to be the greatest challenge, one which pushes our diver’s skills and abilities.

We look forward to building upon these experiences in 2014 and will continue to focus on the maritime security within the Port of Green Bay.

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