2010 was a year of change for the K-9 unit.  We went from three K-9 dogs to five K-9 dogs. The two new K-9’s are both patrol dogs.  They are multipurpose dogs, trained in both patrol work and narcotics detection. Both dogs were bought in Europe and shipped directly to us via Chicago International Airport.  These dogs were trained in-house by K-9 Officer Shannon Mulrine.  Officer Mulrine has over 20 years of K-9 experience with our department.  Shannon put the new K-9’s and their handlers through eight weeks of very intense training.  In the past our K-9’s and their handlers would have been sent away for this training at a substantial cost to the Police Department.  The Police Department was able to save money and add two outstanding new young K-9s to its program by utilizing Officer Mulrine’s expertise.

Our current K-9 program is made up of two narcotic dogs, Buddy (black lab) and Yukon (German Shepherd); the other three dogs are patrol dogs, Feit (German Shepherd), Vilak (German Shepherd), and Neo (Belgian Malinois).  Neo is our first Belgian Malinois. All five of our K-9’s were put through intensive certification training in December and all five performed very well.

During the year 2010 the K-9’s were deployed on the following types of calls:

135 Narcotic Searches

121 Narcotic Finds

102 Trackings

92 Building Searches

23 Area Searches

66 Prevent Escapes

120 Arrests

33 Article Finds

We had one K-9 handler retire in 2010.  Detective Jim Swanson retired after five years as the handler of our most well know K-9 “Buddy”.  Jim and Buddy made many appearances in the Green Bay Schools to do searches and demonstrations for kids.  After Jim retired, Buddy still wanted to work, so Officer Mulrine took on Buddy as his new partner.  The sad part of this story is the reason Officer Mulrine was available to work with Buddy is because his K-9 partner for the past 9 years, Lobo, retired and has since passed away.  Lobo will always be remembered by our road officers for his bravery and as being one of the most outstanding K-9’s this department has had.

The following is your current K-9 teams:

Officer Shannon Mulrine and Buddy are assigned to the NRT Neighborhood Response Team.

Officer Scott Peters and Yukon are assigned to the Detective Division and the Green Bay Schools District.

Officer Joe Merrill and Neo work 2:15pm-10:45pm in the Patrol Division.

Officer Matt Lynch and Feit work 7pm-3:30am in the Patrol Division.

Officer Rod Reetz and Vilak work 10:15pm-6:45am in the Patrol Division.

Lieutenant Paul Lewis and Captain Rick Demro supervise the program.

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