Nominate Someone for a WOW! Award

Green Bay Police Win International WOW Award for

Customer Service Excellence


Have you received outstanding service from a member of the Green Bay Police Department? Now there is a way for you to express yourself through a program called, “The Wow! Awards”. In just a minute or two you can nominate an officer or other employee by describing your experience through our web based nomination form. (This includes officers, detectives, records staff, support staff and community service interns.)

Your nomination will be reviewed by a panel of customer service experts in the UK. If the nomination is accepted the employee will receive a framed certificate and a letter of thanks.

What makes the WOW Awards different from other types of awards is that it is external and comes directly from the citizens we serve. This is a way for you to let the officer or employee know their work made a positive impact. We are proud to say that the Green Bay Police Department has received International recognition twice by winning the International Wow Award for Customer Service Excellence in 2011 and again in 2012.

To nominate an employee click on this link:

To see other nominations click here:

You can watch the video that won Green Bay PD the international award in 2011 here:

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