Access To Green Bay Police Records


The GBPD has altered its procedures to comply with a change in the law.

Under 18 U.S.C. § 2721(a), a Federal privacy act known as the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), the following information about a specific person is not available to the public:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • DMV Photograph
  • Social Security Number
  • Telephone Number
  • Medical or disability information
  • Driver’s license numbers and physical descriptors
  • Vehicle registration plate numbers and related information
  • Vehicle identification Numbers (VIN)

In order to access most of the information above, a requester must complete and submit a Records Request Form.  If a requester fails to meet one of the authorizations under Section III on the request form, he/she will receive records with the above information blacked out and will still be billed for the cost of the record.   This form applies to all record requests, not just driving records. (*DMV photographs, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers and medical information is never released, except to the person to whom the information applies.)

IMPORTANT: If you are looking for a name, address, or other personal information about someone, you will not receive that information unless you meet one of the federal authorizations set forth on the form!

To request an accident report, please email your request to  There is no charge for this service.  Insurance companies and attorneys should include the report number (if known), the date of the accident and the name of the insured.  Insurance firms and lawyers may hold a permissible use under the Federal law and can obtain complete traffic crash reports (without information blacked out).  Motorists may wish to first contact their insurance agency or lawyer and have them obtain the report on the driver’s/passenger’s behalf.

Reportable accidents (MV-4000) are those which either involve a personal injury or have over $1000 worth of damage to one or more vehicles.   GBPD no longer maintains a database of State of Wisconsin MV4000 accident reports and no longer provides copies of completed state accident report forms to requesters.  If the accident was reportable to the state, the Green Bay Police Department will provide you with a DOT document number; generally accident reports are available from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation three to four weeks after the accident.  Following is a link to the DMV website from which you can purchase your crash report.

Non-reportable accidents are those without injuries and damage of less than $1000 to each vehicle.  If the accident was not reportable to the state, the records clerk will reply to your email request and attach the accident report with the information redacted, if required under DPPA.  If you wish to request a copy be mailed to you from the Green Bay Police Department, please complete and submit the Records Request Form (with the proper authorization circled), together with a $2.00 prepayment, to:

Green Bay Police Department
Attn: Records / Accident Reports
307 S Adams Street
Green Bay WI 54301

To request all other Green Bay Police Records, please complete and submit the Records Request Form (with the proper authorization circled) to:

Green Bay Police Department
Attn: Records / Accident Reports
307 S Adams Street
Green Bay WI 54301

Prepayment for the records is generally required prior to processing the request.  Please call our Records Department at 920‑448‑3329 for the cost of the records.

We seek your patience in responding to your request(s). Given the nature of the Federal law, we must examine each page of each report and redact (black out) ten (10) different data elements wherever they are found. This is a laborious and time-consuming process that must be handled in addition to our regular public service duties.

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