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GBPD Gang Crimes Officer

The function of the gang officer is to investigate gang related crimes and complaints, monitor gang members, maintain files on gang information, gather evidence, and arrest want ed gang members. In addition the gang officer passes on intelligence information obtained to members of the department. 

Signs your child could be in a Gang

The U.S. Department of Justice puts out this guide for early warning signs. Gang Signs Guide

Gang Graffiti Abatement

It is important to remove graffiti as quickly as possible from your property.  Studies have shown that if Graffiti is taken down quickly after it appears it is unlikely to return.  Most often gang members post graffiti to mark their territory or attempt to intimidate rival gangs by spray painting gang names and symbols on buildings, fences, playground equipment and street signs.  If their "message" doesn't stay up very long they may look to post it somewhere it will stay.

Street Gangs commonly found in Green Bay

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