Community Event Request

*Please read the following information before submitting your online request.

You will receive a confirmation email from the Green Bay Metro Fire Department within 3-5 business days of submitting this form. If after five business days you have not received a response, please contact us at (920)448-3280.

Examples of Community Event Requests:

  • Neighborhood Association Functions
  • Community/Church Picnics 
  • Career Day 
  • Career Fairs 
  • Health Fairs 
  • Parades
  • Fire Department Presence/Participation

The following guidelines regarding Community Event Requests have been established in an effort to best serve your request.

  • The Green Bay Metro Fire Department regrets that we cannot schedule events outside the boundaries of the City of Green Bay, Village of Allouez or the Village of Bellevue. Businesses/organizations/care facilities…etc located outside the City of Green Bay, Village of Allouez or the Village of Bellevue are encouraged to contact their local fire department for scheduling events. 
  • Please try to submit your request three weeks prior to the date you are requesting our services. 
  • The Green Bay Metro Fire Department makes no guarantee that the times you have selected will be available. 
  • Purpose of participation shall not be for medical stand-by or fire watch. 
  • The Green Bay Metro will bring at least one vehicle to your event, however, no vehicle will be guaranteed. We can only bring that which is available to us that day. If no vehicle is needed (say, for a health fair event), please indicate that when filling out form. Otherwise, please indicate your choice of vehicles to be at your event. 
  • The max amount of time we can spend at an event is between 1-2 hours depending on what the schedule is for the requested day. If event is longer than an hour, please note that in the “Additional Information Box”.

Our presence at an event may be cancelled at the last minute with no notification due to the following:

  • Emergency Fire or Medical Response 
  • Severe Weather 
  • Unexpected Personnel Shortages 
  • Other Firefighter Training Requirements.

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