2020 Election Records Requests

Following the April 2020 and November 2020 election, the City of Green Bay received more than 65 records requests pertaining to the elections, the CTCL grant, and employees’ activities during these time frames.  The records produced consist of thousands of documents, including e-mails, contracts, spread sheets, etc.  

Much misinformation remains around the election, with factually inaccurate statements being made which are not supported by the records. In the interest of transparency, the City of Green Bay is publishing for the community all of the records requested pertaining to the elections.  We encourage the community to review the documents themselves rather than relying on the false statements which are being made.

In addition, various records were never requested which are directly relevant to the conduct of the election.  These include the contract with the KI Convention Center, and the chain of custody log for the absentee ballots confirming when the ballots were moved from City Hall to the KI Convention Center.  These records are included here for the benefit of the public.

View 2020 Public Records Requests