Energy Planning

In May 2021, the City of Green Bay approved a resolution establishing a climate goal of 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality for the entire Green Bay community, including residents, government, and businesses, by 2050. 

  • Being carbon neutral means that the amount of carbon released by the city is balanced with how much carbon is absorbed by the city actions. To meet this strategy, the city both needs to reduce carbon emissions, and implement strategies to absorb carbon such as planting trees.  
  • Clean energy refers to renewable energy production that does not release carbon, such as solar energy, wind energy, or geothermal.   

With our city's commitment to environmental action, the City of Green Bay joins a large list of other cities in addressing environmental concerns. With this goal in place, the city is now working to create a roadmap for how to meet these goals. In 2022, the city was awarded a state grant to create a comprehensive energy plan that will guide how the city pursues this goal during the next 5 to 10 years. An important piece of this project is to engage the community to receive feedback from residents and businesses on energy strategies and goals.  

We need your help to make this plan. Feedback collected through the residential and business surveys will inform the plan and ensure it adequately addresses community perspectives and concerns. It will also help the city identify strategies to enable you to save money and transition to renewable energy sources.  

The survey closed at the end of March. Survey results will be shared through virtual community forums and in the final plan. If you’re interested in attending a virtual forum to learn more and share your thoughts on how our community can meet its sustainability goals, please send an email. 

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