EFare ReaderGreen Bay Metro is launching new options to pay your bus fares! Beginning January 1, 2022, riders will be able to purchase fares in one of the two new ways detailed below! These new options eliminate the need to stop into the station to purchase your fare. GBM is NOT eliminating our current bus pass options and will continue to honor and sell all current pass and fare options.

Soon you will see new machines mounted over the wheel well of the bus, on the left as you board. You either tap your new Tap-N-Go card on the circle area or scan the QR code from your app under the E-Reader. If you have a valid fare, the outline on the box will flash green and you are good to go. If there is a problem, the E-Reader will flash red and you will need to see the driver to determine the issue. E-Fare is currently only available to use on Fixed Route Buses at this time.


Option 1: Download the new GBM E-Fare app through the Google Play or the Apple App store and create your account. Purchase either period passes (cash fare, day pass, weekly pass, or 30-day pass) or load money to use toward single rides and use the new Fare Capping for day passes option described below. Once you purchase your pass, simply click on it to activate it, then a QR code will display on your screen for 10 minutes to scan on the bus.

Option 2: Purchase a new Tap-N-Go card from the passenger center for $3 and load it with the pass options that are best for you. We recommend that you create an account and register your card to receive the added security of fare protection so that if you lose your card, your remaining pass days and any dollar amount on the card can be transferred to a newly purchased Tap-N-Go card with no need to buy a new pass. If you choose to load a pass and money onto your card, the farebox will look for any passes and use them first before it uses any dollar amount to pay for single rides. 

Reload your Tap-N-Go card here!

GBM Fare Capping for day passes: If you have money loaded onto your app or your smart card, you can utilize the new fare capping option for day passes when you take multiple rides in one day. For example, ride 1 would cost you $2, ride 2 would cost you $2, but your third and subsequent rides in the same day would not cost you anything as you have met the price of a $4 day pass. This feature is ONLY available for day passes.