Terrific 4K Teachers

4K Kindergarten Class

Brittany Falkers of WFRV TV visited the 4K kindergarten class for a delightful, inspiring visit with students and terrific 4k teachers. Here’s a little excerpt of her interview:

“4K Teacher Amy Milz works alongside Naturalist Jane Morris at the sanctuary to educate these youngsters. She sees her students grow into outgoing observers.

‘When they’re walking down these trails at the beginning of the year they’re not seeing a whole lot, but by the end of the year they notice every little bee, every little butterfly that goes by,’ Milz said. ‘The conversation and the vocabulary that they’re using by the end of the year is just phenomenal.'”

Visit Terrific Teachers to see the TV interview. Congratulations, Amy and Jane! (Amy is top left and Jane is top right in photo above)