Home Security

You can help protect your family, home and belongings in a short amount of time with little money.  The goal is to make it harder for the criminal to target your home (target hardening).

Home Security Tips
  • Install exterior lighting around your home. Motion-sensor lights are an option to help alert you when there is activity in the area. Keep on lights throughout the night
  • Install timers for lighting in your home when you will be gone for extended periods of time or use smart plugs to control from your phone
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed to improve visibility from the house to the street and reduce cover for criminals
  • Install 3" long screws to strike plates of your doors. Most screws only go into the trim of the door and not into the structure of the home, making it easier for doors to be kicked in
  • Don't share travel plans on social media. Only share with trusted family or friends. Don't post vacation photos until after you arrive home (make sure children and others in the household do the same!)