Weights & Measures

The Weights and Measures Division supervises all sales of commodities within the City of Green Bay and also provides weights and measures services to the Villages of Allouez, Bellevue, and Howard. This is regulated by Chapter 22 of the City code.

What We Do

The City regulates sales or purchases done by weight or measure and also tests and certifies scales, scanners, and meters. Staff checks weight/measure of factory and store packed products, enforces labeling rules on packaged products, and investigates and resolves consumer complaints. Concerns regarding any of these items can be addressed by filling out an online report or by contacting the Weights and Measures Division.


NTEP Certificate of Conformance
State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Wisconsin Weights and Measures Association
Green Bay City Ordinance, Chapter 22

Farmer’s Market Scale Rules

  • Scales required for sale of fresh produce items by weight shall be of a commercial type meeting NIST Handbook 44 requirements.
  • Scales newer than 1986 shall be marked NIST Class III.
  • Scales newer than January 1, 1997, must be NTEP approved – vendors must have a scale with a capacity of 30 pounds or less and a maximum scale division size of a ½-ounce or 0.02 pounds.
  • Any scale used must be pre-approved by the City Sealer prior to the vendor’s first sale of each year. Some approved scale sources include Badger Scale Co., which can be called at 920-662-2680 and Valley Scale, which can be called at 920-434-3300.