Have a Block Party

The City’s Neighborhood Division encourages neighbors to get to know one another in the fun and relaxed setting of a block party!  Block Party Permits (PDF) are intended for direct use with neighborhood activities within street right-of-way. They are not intended to facilitate the closure of a street for any other purpose.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Recommendations for Success
  3. Budget & Block Party Costs
  4. Special Events

Do the following to get started:

  • Start talking with neighbors about having a block party.
  • Invite a few neighbors over to plan the party. Try to think of the planning process itself as an opportunity to have fun and make some lasting friendships. Please be sure to print the Block Party Permit so you know what you’ll need to do to prepare. Any street, sidewalk, curb, terrace closure, or blockage requires a Block Party or Obstruction Permit from the City’s Public Works Department.
  • Choose a date and time (1 to 2 month notice is good).
  • Create and distribute a flyer.
  • Go door-to-door to get the name, address, and signature of each household affected by the requested closure. Signature is required only if that household’s driveway would be within the closure. If a lot is vacant or the household residents are or will be gone, note that fact. A ruling will be made by the person authorizing the permit.
  • Bring the Block Party Permit  with your request for street closure signatures to Room 300 of City Hall for approval at least 48 hours prior to street closure. Please be advised that block parties cannot be held on any arterial street (heavy traffic route) or on a commercialized street as determined by the City Traffic Engineer.
  • Barricading is picked up at the Cherry Street ramp, and the deposit is $50. The phone number and hours of operation for the barricading are noted on the Block Party Permit.
  • Distribute a reminder flyer with particulars of the party.
  • On the day of the party, ask people to bring out their chairs, tables, grills, etc.
  • Most importantly, have fun!