Floodplain Management

Flood Protection

Believe it or not, Green Bay has experienced substantial flooding in the past and will again in the future. The primary source of this flooding is the high water level of the bay affecting the Fox River, the East River, Mahon Creek, and many smaller creeks and drainage ways.

Intense rainfalls, rapid thawing of ice and snow, and ice dams also cause flooding in areas of the City that normally do not experience flooding. This is intended to answer some of your questions and offer ideas on what to do in case flooding is a concern to you.

Flood Risk Potential

Areas adjacent to the bay, rivers, streams, creeks, and drainage ways serve as temporary storage areas for high water. If you live near or inside one of these areas, you more than likely will be impacted by the high bay levels. Do you know what measures are needed to protect your property from flooding?

There are many relatively flat areas of the City and areas having unusual drainage patterns. If you live down slope of an area that drains near or through your property, you could be at risk for flooding. Would you like to learn more about localized flooding and how to protect your property?

Our parkways, ditches, and stream banks provide effective drainage controls from flooding by providing storage areas for high water or flooding conditions. However, when people dump or throw garbage, grass clippings, brush, fallen trees, or other debris in them, drainage ways can become potential sources for flooding. If you live near a drainage way, report any debris in these areas, and of course, do not dump or throw anything into them as it is a violation of Green Bay’s Municipal Ordinance.

Free City Services

Stop in the Inspection Division office to see if your property is located in one of the mapped Special Flood Hazard Areas. If it is, you can obtain handouts or talk with an inspector about protecting your property from flooding.

The City periodically inspects the parkways, streams, and drainage ways for accumulations of debris and blockages. If you have questions about them or wish to report a blocked drainage way, call the Operations Division at 920-448-3535.