Downtown Parking

To ensure safe passage in the downtown area for all pedestrians and vehicles, especially emergency response vehicles, please be advised of the following:

Delivery vehicles (whether personal or corporate) will be cited when found parking in these areas.

Additionally, Do Not Load / Unload From

  • City Deck Court: no parking zone on the south side of the street
  • 100 block Pine Street: no stopping/no standing zones on either side of the street; blocking access to alley (this is a towable offense)
  • 100 block Cherry Street: no stopping/no standing zones on either side of the street; blocking access to alley (this is a towable offense)
  • Blocking alleys for any length of time
  • North Washington Street: drive lanes or no parking zones

Delivery Vehicles Must Be Actively Loading

  • Use loading zone 100 block North Washington, west side of Street
  • Use loading zone 300 block North Washington, west side of street
  • Use available parking meters; leave flashers on
  • Will be allowed to park in the 200 block of Cherry Street (north side of the street) for loading and unloading

Please notify your vendors and tenants of this requirement. Vendors may want to consider altering their delivery times to early morning hours when parking is more plentiful.

No Stopping / No Standing Zones

The Parking Division realizes the challenges downtown businesses and residents have related to deliveries. Parking would like to remind everyone the zones are signed and enforced for the safety of downtown residents, workers and guests. Parking strictly enforces the No Stopping/No Standing zones in the downtown area and encourages the distribution of this flyer (PDF) and map (PDF) to vendors.

  • 200 North Washington Alley (from Pine to Cherry) is posted no Stopping/No Standing
    • No Stopping/No Standing = no idling, no loading/unloading, no parking
  • Any vehicles found in this area will get a citation and will be towed whether it is:
    • Attended or unattended
    • Idling/loading/unloading

 Bike Parking 

Bike racks are conveniently located on the first level of each Green Bay Parking ramp. Several other bike racks are located at various locations throughout the downtown. View a map of the bike rack locations.

Contractor Work or Tenant Moving Needs

In the event of contractor work or a tenant’s moving needs, parking meters may be hooded and reserved for $10 per day; fee applies 7 days a week.  A map of the meter locations can be found online. Purchase a Parking Permit online for City-owned meters.

If you’re a landlord or property manager looking for additional monitoring of the parking lot(s) at your facility, we can help! Fill out the application, submit it to the Parking Division at and we will start monitoring it for you. 

Please contact us at:
Green Bay Parking Division
100 N Jefferson
City Hall, Third Floor
Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: 920-448-3431
Email Parking Division

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Please help Parking keep the downtown safe for everyone!