Adams Street Lot

Street Lot Features

  • 121 stalls
  • 220 north Adams Street for GPS maps
  • Access lot from 200 block North Adams
  • Convenient handicap parking
  • No motorcycle parking - use Cherry Street ramp

Adams Lot is Automated

  1. Park vehicle
  2. Pay immediately at either:
    1. One of the kiosks in lot
      1. Remember your space number
      2. Accepts cash/coin/credit card; use correct change; no refunds for overpayment
    2. Mobile phone app
      1. Avoid the lines at the kiosks; pay from the comfort of your vehicle
      2. Sends "Alerts" via text 3 minutes prior to expiration
      3. Allows for remote extension of time
      4. Receipts emailed

Hours of Operation

Adam Street Lot is open all day, every day, fees apply from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays.

Rate Information

  • Daily: $1.10 each hour; $13.20 max daily; overpayment of parking fees will not be refunded.
  • Monthly parking is not available in this lot
  • Free parking weeknights after 6 p.m.
  • Free parking Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays