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Professional Standards

The Green Bay Police Department Professional Standards Division reports directly to the Chief of Police and is staffed by one captain, three lieutenants, one range master, and one administrative assistant.  The primary areas of responsibility for the professional standards division includes the hiring process, training and standards functions, and internal investigations.

The hiring process at the Green Bay Police Department is a detailed, in-depth process to ensure that this department is hiring the best possible personnel. Hiring of sworn police officers begins with the application and testing processes. Two separate interviews are then conducted to rank the potential candidates. After the potential candidates are selected from the testing and interview process, a thorough background investigation is initiated. The background investigation includes interviews of current and former employees, interviews of residents in the candidate’s neighborhood, interviews of former teachers, and interviews of references. Once the background investigation is completed, an investigative summary is presented to the chief of police for his recommendation on the candidate to be sent the City of Green Bay Police and Fire Commission for the final hiring decision.

Attention to training requirements is the second primary area of responsibility for the professional standards division. Included in this area is the adherence to the State of Wisconsin Training and Standards requirements which includes annual/bi-annual qualifications and conducting in-service training. The field training program is another major responsibility which includes both the department academy and road training components. Finally, the professional standards division arranges and assigns training for numerous general and specialty instructional needs.

Finally, the professional standards division oversees all investigations on the conduct of department personnel, which includes all sworn law enforcement officers and all civilian department employees.  Investigations may originate from citizen complaints on department personnel conduct or may be initiated from internal complaints on employee performance. During 2016, there were 29 investigations on department personnel with most of the complaints being completed within 90 days. Citizen complaints accounted for 13 of the investigations and internally generated complaints accounted for the other 16 investigations. The investigations resulted in 10 sustained complaints, 5 of the complaints were closed as unfounded, 4 of the complaints were closed as false complaints, 3 complaints resulted in exonerations, and 2 complaints were closed as not sustained, while the remaining 5 complaints remain open investigations.


2016 Total Investigations
Citizen-Initiated 13
Internal 16
Total 29


2016 Internal and Citizen Complaints
Investigative Findings Number
Sustained 10
Exonerated 3
Not Sustained 2
Unfounded 5
False Complaint 4
Open/Under Investigation 5
Total 29


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