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District B is bordered by the Fox River to the East, The Bay of Green Bay to the North, the city limits to the South, and Oneida, Gray, and Atkinson Streets to the West. District B has a number of unique features, including the Broadway Business District, numerous parks, 3 elementary schools, and is the home of West High School. District B is overseen by Captain Keith Knoebel. The Captain supervises the district patrol officers and the 4 district community police officers. District Policing is a conglomeration of community policing, community engagement and data-driven intelligent policing.

The District B team is constantly identifying the unique underlying challenges in the district, identifying chronic nuisances, and working to abate them. Another component of district policing is working together with the community to establish partnerships. Communication is a key factor and it is important for our officers to share information with each other as well as with the community.  Our team takes pride in their area, working on the little things as well as the bigger issues to make your neighborhoods safe for you and your family and improving quality of life issues.

One of our goals is to establish neighborhood associations and neighborhood watches throughout the district.  Together with the associations, watches, citizens, and officers we are going to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  For more information on neighborhood associations and watches please contact our Crime Prevention Coordinator.  We look forward to working with you and please contact us if we can be of assistance.

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