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Canines are an invaluable part of patrol. The training and dedication of the handlers and their partners has paid off immensely by the safe resolution of many incidences through the years. In addition, countless narcotic finds have removed a substantial amount of illegal narcotics off the streets.

The Green Bay Police Department Canine unit began in the spring 1986 with a single canine and handler. Today the unit had six canines and handlers. Our canines and handlers are trained by K9 Services in Albuquerque, NM. When our Officers arrive in New Mexico they are paired with their canine partner. They then undergo six weeks of extensive training and upon completion are certified canine teams.

The canine unit consists of five dual purpose canines and one single purpose canine. The term dual-purpose means that a police dog is capable of working as a patrol dog and as a detection dog respectfully. The patrol dogs work efforts consists of tracking suspects or missing persons, conducting building searches for suspects, area (wind) searches for suspects, evidence searches, apprehension of resistive suspects and handler protection. All of our dogs are dual purpose with the exception of Yukon. Yukon is a drug dog used to detect narcotics only and is not trained in dual purpose. Five of our canines are certified in narcotics detection and one, Cops, is certified in bomb detection. We have at least one canine team assigned to each shift.

The Canine unit consists of:

  • Officer Lynch and Feit (German Shepherd)
  • Officer Merrill and Neo (Belgian Malinois)
  • Officer Reetz and Vilac (German Shepherd)
  • Officer Eklund and Yukon (German Shepherd)
  • Officer Conley and Echo (German Shepherd)
  • Officer Wicklund and George (German Shepherd)
  • Lieutenant VanEgeren is the unit supervisor
  • Commander Ebel is the unit administrator

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